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The Sacraments of Marriage are celebrated in the days available on the agenda


The celebration of the Marriage could take place in one of the following temples:

CAPACITY:  200 seating places     
CLERGYMAN: Betrothed Responsibility 

St Catarina ChapelCAPACITY: 30 seating places/seats
CLERGYMAN: Betrothed Responsibility

- Canonical Licence the Diocese of the local of residence of the bride (to deal with the parish priest of the parish)
- Certificate / Civil Registration Certificate.
- Wherever there are a marriage of a Portuguese citizen whose civil proceedings has elapsed abroad, the betrothed must present.Certificate / marriage certificate issued by the Consulate / Diplomatic Agent of the country where they reside.

- Identification Form Complementary duly completed (to be provided by our services, on the time of registration).
- Photocopy of identity cards of two witnesses and full address of the same.


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