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Environmental Interpretation Center of the Penha, still in training, intends to sensitize and educate children who visit us with some exercises of Environmental Education. Through small "personal" sheets of some trees that are part of Forest Park Penha, the children seek to identify the trees with the clues that are read by educators, and so call the true name of the trees and discover some details about life of these plants.

For schools or other educational associations that intend more information on this service, please contact us through the coordinates mentioned above.

We have at your disposal a meeting room or Meetingpoint (in the Building Santa Catarina) equipped with technical resources for multimedia presentations, among others.


The train of Penha makes a trip more encompassing, lasting about half an hour. This itinerary gives you to know some points of historical interest and scenic.

Children (under 14) - 1.25€ (£1.11)
Adults (more than 14 years) - 2.50€ (£2.21)
Teachers, educational auxiliary ... - 2€ (£1.78)

Special rate for groups (schools, Nursery Schools, Associations ...)
Children-0.60€ (£0.53)
Accompanying adults - 1.25€ (£1.11)
Teachers, educational auxiliary ... – Free

Allow us a suggestion: when arriving at the Penha take a trip on our train, then to a approach more depth about the history of the location, request a visit with a guide.

Come to discover the Penha!

Time: 10:00am to 7:00pm during the months of April to October.
November to March works from the 1.00pm, unless reservations.